S.A. Engineering College Chennai 77.


Payment of Tuition fee for the Academic year 2011 2012



Last date for payment of Tuition fee : 17.07.2012

(Without fine)


Payment of Tuition fee after 17.07.2012 : with a fine of Rs.500.00/-

But on or before 27.07.2012


Payment of Tuition fee after 28.07.2012 : with a fine of Rs.1500.00/-

But on or before 31.07.2012


Names of Defaulters will be removed : w.e.f 01.08.2012

From rolls.


Defaulters should remit a Readmission fee along with the Tuition fee. Attendance will be given only after remittance of Tuition fee along with the Readmission fee.