• Looks after all the Administrative and Academic activities falling in line with the AICTE, Anna University and the Government of Tamil Nadu norms, in all aspects.
  • Conducts all the UG, PG and Ph.D programmes according to the affiliating university (Anna University) guidelines and is not supposed to conduct any programmes apart from the programmes affiliated by the University.
  • Appoints Faculty Member according to the norms of the AICTE and affiliating university (Anna University).
  • Acts as Warden for Gents and Ladies Hostel.
  • Monitors admission, conducts regular class works, to organize placement activities in coordination with Placement Director., create an environment for industry institute interaction, coordinate R&D activities, coordinate staff and external organization for R&D and consultancy, maintain discipline among students and staff.
  • Monitors smooth conduct of Quality Management System in accordance with NBA and NAAC.

Head Of the Department (HOD)

  • Responsible for all the academic affairs of the Department.
  • Looks after day to day activities relating to teaching and other workloads of his/her teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Reports to the Principal regarding all the requirements of his/her department such as Faculty Member, supporting staff, equipments, books & journals, maintenance etc.
  • Represents his/her department and will report to the Principal all the requirements/short comings for the development and proper functioning of the Department, during weekly/fortnightly meetings.
  • Looks after the matter related to R & D, Consultancy and Research Publications.
  • Arranges for Guest Lecture/Extension Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences etc.
  • Responsible for mobilizing his/her Faculty Member for different research grants.
  • Responsible for innovative programmes including collaboration with other institutions, Universities and different industries.
  • Responsible for students proctor’s system.

Administrative Officer

  • Takes care of student scholarships like first graduate, S.C, S.T M.B.C scholarships.
  • Maintains the Faculty Member leave records like casual leave, vacation, on duty & permission.
  • Acts as a Coordinator for all the activities relating to the maintenance of the College.
  • Takes care of HR policies of the institution side and outside the College.
  • Conducts Interview as per HODs requirement with College constituted selection committee support.
  • Takes care of all admission approval procedure and communicating with universities in person.

Accounts Officer

  • Keeps account of financial transactions such as admission fees, semester fees, hostel fees etc.
  • Keeps account of all the financial transactions related to repair, maintenance, purchase etc.
  • Disburses salaries for the employees of the College.
  • Prepares the annual account, get if audited.
  • Deals with banks and other financial institutions regarding loans etc.
  • Will be responsible for filling of annual returns.

Placement Officer

  • Responsible for all the activities relating to the students placement.
  • Coordinates with the industries for providing the vocational training courses to students.
  • Arranges guest lectures, workshops, seminars, industrial visits & educational tours for students.
  • Coordinates with the different industries for on-campus and off-campus interviews of the meritorious students for providing suitable jobs in their organizations.
  • Responsible for interaction with different industries for functioning of EDPs.

System Manager

  • Manages all the activities relating to the Computer systems and networking.
  • Looks after the repair and maintenance of Computer system and its networking.
  • Prepares a schedule for providing computer service to all concerned.
  • Arrange for availability of Internet connection wherever required.
  • Arranges computer training /refresher courses for the staff to update their knowledge.
  • Develops e-learning and user friendly e-institution concept with guardian and Faculty Member.
  • Maintains and updates the College website.


  • Responsible for the overall in charge of the library.
  • Maintains documentations of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, CD’s & library materials
  • Prepares a periodical requirement of books and journals to students and Faculty Member.
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating e-journals and all teaching aids
  • Keeps record of library materials and report to the Principal for any discrepancy.
  • Arranges periodic inventory of library materials.

Physical Education Director

  • Responsible for all the activities related to the Physical Education.
  • Arranges a physical fitness camp for the students and staff.
  • Responsible for procurements, maintenance of sports goods, play fields and other items related to the Physical Education.
  • Coordinates Intra College and Inter College, Inter University and Inter State competition for different sports.

Workshop Superintendent

  • Arranges all the machines/equipment required in the workshops.
  • Responsible for repair and maintenance of all the machines and equipments in the workshops.
  • Makes schedule for different groups of students for practice in their respective workshops.
  • Responsible for maintenance of laboratories.
  • Reports to Principal/HOD regarding damage/breakdown of machines/equipments
  • Responsible for safety measures and teaching / non-teaching staff.

Transport Manager

  • Responsible for arrangement of transport for students and staff from College to City & vice versa.
  • Responsible for periodical maintenance of all the buses and in case of any major repair should report to the Principal immediately.
  • Responsible for a periodical check of the log books maintained by the drivers.
  • Arranges for an agreement with Transport Company for additional buses if required.
  • Arranges for the transport for the students and staff for any educational tour, visit for sports competitions.ect.
  • Responsible for time management of buses.

Hostel Warden

  • Responsible for allotment of rooms to the students.
  • Responsible for maintenance for Hostel.
  • Looks after the quality of food served in the hostels.
  • Keeps strict discipline in incoming and outgoing of students from the hostels.
  • Reports to the Principal in case of any indiscipline or misbehavior by the students.
  • Looks into the grievances/complaints of the students if found genuine.
  • Arranges for First-Aid in case of any emergency and arrange for hospitalization of student/staff.

Estate Officer

  • Must be available in the campus and be on duty for 6 days/week; discharges the duties under directions of the principal.
  • Supervises, executes the works in all civil, electrical, gardening and cleaning according to the norms and standards.
  • Acts as the office in-charge of the security/sanitation/public health units of the institute and exercise control over the contract workers; he/she must ensure compliance of the all provisions of the labour laws and/or guidelines of the regulatory authorities in respect of the workers engaged by the working contractors in the institute or workers hired through approved agencies.
  • Inspects the buildings structures, roads, etc. under his/her charge as often as necessary and examine their condition from safety and maintenance point of view and take/suggest necessary action.
  • Prepares progress reports on on-going work and report the same to the authorities of the institute on a monthly basis.
  • Ensures the successful achievement of the targets fixed for completion of each project/works with due consideration for speed and economy of scale and/or proper maintenance of building structures, water supply channels and regular maintenance of all the electric generators and ensuring proper use of the same.
  • Suggests the Principal in all technical matters and ensure that all works executed by him are as per the guidelines prescribed by the MOA/Bye-Laws/CPWD/State PWD and that these works are carried out with the authorization/approval of the works committee or building committee etc. as per the prescribed procedure.
  • Executes any other works assigned from time to time.

Store Incharge

  • Supervises and checks the functioning of stores and maintenance of proper accounts-both, quantity and value.
  • Prepares estimates for various civil, electrical, mechanical and sanitary works undertaken/ proposed by the institute.
  • Invites and opens quotations related to the estate office through committees duly constituted for the purpose; examines/recommends the tenders for acceptance/rejection with proper justification and notes.

Security Officer

  • Acts as in charge for Gate Entry of students, teaching & non-teaching members and any other contract workers inside the campus.
  • Monitors Material movement in and out of the premises.
  • In charge for monitoring the persons inside the campus; verifying the ID Cards.
  • Issues the Visitor ID and collects the required data from the visitor.
  • Ensures the Contract laborers wear Contract badge during working hours within the campus

Technical Staff

  • Takes care of consumables, maintains and assists in conduction of the lab
  • Maintains the cleanliness inside the lab and executes the safety norms
  • Maintains the stock register

Supporting Staff

  • Performs the duty assigned by the estate officer
  • Helps to maintain the eco friendly environment of the institution

Electrician/ Plumber

  • Takes care of all the electrical connection and maintain the safety of the campus.
  • Looks after the incessant water supply


  • Extends their assistance to HODs in the departmental activities as per the superior’s instruction

Site Engineers

  • Performs the duty assigned by the governing body and looks after the constructional activities inside the premises

Office Staff

  • Works under the direct supervision of the Administrative Officer and executes the work


  • Takes care of hygiene and introspects the administration process for smooth functioning.


To transform our institution into quality technical education centre imparting updated technical knowledge with character building.


To create an excellent teaching and learning environment for our staff and students to realize their full potential thus enabling them to contribute positively to the community.

To significantly enhance the self-confidence level for developing creative skills of staff and students.

To know more about SAEC, feel free to download the Institution's prospectus.