SAEC has focused consistently and deployed best-in-class IT infrastructure and applications development for Academic and Research support.

Internet & Intranet

We provide free internet access to our students. We have 1 Gbps 1:1 dedicated leased line internet connectivity. The internet can be accessed from more than 1500 computers. All the departments have internet connectivity.

PCs / Laptops

The college has more than 1400 Desktop PCs / Laptops in the campus in various academic blocks connected through fibre optic backbone. Internet access is provided to all the computers.


College has purchased adequate numbers of licenses for the licensed software according to the curriculum. All the laboratories have been deployed with licensed software to cater to the needs of lab classes, research work training, certification program. We have started migrating from the proprietory software to Free and Open Source Software 10 years back and as a result, most of our computers are operated only on Open Source Technologies now. We are using free and open source software in replacement of commercial software wherever possible. We have installed proprietory software in some labs to explore the latest technologies to the students and faculty.

Data Center

The institution has Centre of Technical Support with Data Centre to manage network operations efficiently and hosts the Rack server with uninterrupted power supply.


The Sophos firewall has been deployed for handling enhanced load on Network and Applications catering to academic and Administrative processes, thereby providing a secure campus.

ICT Facilities

Class rooms / Seminar halls are equipped with interactive panels, smartboards, Lecture capturing system and also LCD projectors to deliver presentations.

Face Recognition Attendance Machine

Facial recognition for staff attendance has been implemented across the campus. Barcode Scanners are available in the Library for issue/return or books and to capture the entry/exit movement of the students and faculty.

Centre for Technical Support

All the IT related activites including network, hardware, software, interactive panels, projectors, UPS and IT maintenance comes under Centre for Technical Support (CTS).