PhD Guidance Details

Name  of FacultyYear of recognition as a Research GuideName of the scholarMonth and Year of registration of the scholarPhD Scholar’s Title of the Thesis 
Dr.G.Kavya2016Ms.P.SasirekhaNov 2016Internet of Things
Ms.K.M.DhanalakshmiNov 2016Wearable antenna
Mr. M. BharaneedharanJune 2017E-Health Architectural analysis using Cyber Physical System (CPS)
Mr.A.ManiJune 2017Prediction based VM Provisioning on Cloud for Sustainable Health care Delivery using IoT
Ms.V.SurekaJuly 2017Cloud Computing
Ms.M.JahnaviJanuary 2017Design of 0.18 micrometer dual band LNA
Ms.K.PranithaJune 2017Design of low power Mixed signal FPGA for Space Applications
Ms.N.MalligeswariDecember 2017VLSI for Medical Applications
Ms.D.SasirekhaDecember 2017Antenna for Medical Applications
Ms.A.DeviJuly 2018Embedded system
Dr.C.Arunachalaperumal2017Ms.Sudha L.July 2017Grid Computing
Mrs.M.RamyaJune 2017Wireless Communication
Ms K.B.ArunaJuly 2017Grid Computing
Ms.R.SubatraJanuary 2018Design and performance analysis of low power wide band LNA with Noise cancellation
Ms.Twinkle GrafJuly 2018Detection of Vulnerabilities and development of cross platform test cases in ANDROID APP for shelter recommendation
Ms. Usha Rani HJan 2021Photonics crystal fibre
Mr. Pitchandi RJune 2016Wireless sensor Networks
Mr.Surya PJune 2017Signal Processing
Ms.S.AdlinDecember 2017Deep learning
Ms. Subha T DJan 2021VLSI Design
Dr.B.R.TapasBapu2018Ms. AnithaJune 2018Balanced and energy-efficient MULTI-HOP techniques for secure routing in wireless sensor networks
Mr. Pradeep S.July 2019Wireless Sensor Network
Mr. Muthukumarasamy SJan 2021Wireless Sensor Networks
Ms. Ponnrajakumari M.Jul-16Wireless sensor Networks
Ms. Lavanya K Jan-16Wireless sensor Networks
Mr. Selva Kumaran SJan-22Reliable model for multi object tracking using deep learning and energy efficient multimedia sensor networks
Ms. Shanthini N. M.Jan 2021ANTENNA, IOT
Ms S.GirijaJune 2015Wireless sensor Networks
Dr.P.Sevvel2017Mr.D.SrinivasanJuly 2016Friction Stir welding of aluminium alloys
Mr.Satheesh CJune 2017Analysis of parameters for Deep hole drilling
Dhanesh Babu S.dJanuary 2016Generation of Mathematical Model for Peak Temperature distribution during FSW process
Giridharan KJanuary 2016Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Joints of Aluminium Alloys AA8011-AA6082
Yokesh Kumar BJanuary 2016Influence of tool rotational speed on microstructural characteristics of dissimilar Mg alloys during friction stir welding
Lokesh Kumar P JJuly 2018Fabrication of Nano Composites for Automobile Applications
John Solomon IJuly 2019Effect of different layer thickness and pulse frequency on fabrication of thin walled az31 magnesium alloy using wire arc additive manufacturing
Kandukuri AnilbashaJuly 2019Joining of magnesium alloy with low carbon steel by cold metal transfer (cmt) arc welding process
Gunasekaran JJanuary 2020Selective Laser Meltig
Mr.G.PurushothamanJanuary 2022Friction Stir Welding of Composites
Dr. S. Baskar2017Mr.S.DhanasekarDecember 2016Effect of Nano particles on the dynamic characteristics of polymer matrix composites
Mr. S. Praveen KumarJuly 2016Thermal management studies on stacking up of high energy density proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Mr.K.ParthasarathyDecember 2019Tribological study of nano-biodegradable grease
Mr.G.PrabahaaranJanuary 2021Development of Novel Nano Biodegradable Marine Lubricant
Dr. M.Thanichalam2004Mr. S.K. Nimalan June 2017Development of Spectral Library for Coral Reefs
Mrs.S.PavithraJanuary 2019An index based approach to assess the coastal hazard along ramanathapuram coast using geospatial techniques
Mrs.N.AarthiJanuary 2018Shoreline Management for Chennai coast
Dr V.Madhusudanan2018Sathish kumarJan2018Dynamical behaviour of eco epidemic prey predator system 
Dr.S.Sendil Kumar2014V.DivyaJun-18Design and Development of signal conditioning system for Nani Sensor based Application
 Dr.R.Geetha 2022S.Arumai ShineyJul-22Study And Analysis Of Ml/Dlapproaches For The Estimation Of Green Cover For Carbon Sequestration
Veena.TJul-22Ai Enabled Informationand Data Models For Interoperability To Enhance Operation Efficency In Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Nithyanandhan.RJul-22Lung Cancer Detection, Diagnosis Systm Visualization Using Machine Learning Techniques